College & New Professionals Vice President Candidate

Dr. Eric Posada is the Director of Choral Activities at Angelo State University. Previous appointments include Visiting Professor of Choral Music at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Director of Choral Music at Tyler Junior College, Associate Director of Choral Activities at Texas A&M University, and Lecturer at Texas Tech University. Dr. Posada has presented for twenty-eight international, regional, and state music conferences. In addition to his work in academia, he has served seventeen years as Director of Music in liturgical settings, the highlight of which was a performance at Notre-Dame de Paris. Posada has held conducting posts with civic choruses such as the East Texas Symphony Chorus, Brazos Valley Chorale, The Lubbock Chorale, and his newly founded San Angelo Chorus. Dr. Posada’s professional chorus Pasión won third place in The American Prize for two categories and was selected as Performing Choir for the 2021 Texas Choral Directors Association Conference.

Ideas for assisting TCDA to live into the mission and purposes of the organization: As a Hispanic, LGBTQ advocate, and life-long Texan, I am honored to receive this nomination. We are living in turbulent, divisive times not only in our country but here at home, as well. In fact, this is a unique crossroad TCDA finds itself in, and we have the opportunity to evolve, make things right, and heal. I grew up in South Texas by the border (McAllen) and have lived in Texas most of my life. Not only am I a product of the Texas public school system, but I have also taught at every level in the state. I was inspired to study music because of Jack Bowers and was blessed to have incredible mentors such as Allen Hightower and Rick Bjella. As an educator, I have garnered a wealth of knowledge from my students and learn from them daily. They taught me to love; show compassion; welcome them; make them all feel seen, heard, and acknowledged; and honor and encourage their individuality. One of my most profound tenures was at Tyler Junior College (Tyler, Texas) where I frequently worked with unconventional students from humble backgrounds, who were older than me, were parents, lived out of their car, visited the food pantry daily, and survived on school internet. Though I was poor growing up, I never imagined what these students were facing. Despite these conditions, they showed up daily and grinded for their education. They were no less talented and no less deserving of opportunities than everyone else. While I was raised amongst Hispanics, working at Texas A&M University, Tyler Junior College, UNC Charlotte, and Angelo State University has informed my understanding of both diversity and inclusion. Today, I work with young professionals, mold the program at Angelo State University with my core values, and serve the community via Pasión and the San Angelo Chorus. I will always fight for what is right, ensure everyone is equally represented, and impart what I have learned to the next generation. From new professionals to veterans, cisgender to transgender, and regardless of race, I would be honored to be your Vice-President.