Awards and Past Recipients

The Texas Choral Directors Association annually presents awards of appreciation to TCDA members who have shown exceptional talents and dedication to their chosen profession. The TCDA Board welcomes member recommendations for the Texas Choral Excellence Award and the Young Director of Distinction Award. 

Texas Choirmaster Award
Not awarded every year, this select award is reserved for a TCDA member with clearly superior choral conducting and musicianship skill with many years of performance success. Nominations are made by the TCDA Board. Past recipients are listed below:

2022: Jo Scurlock-Dillard
2021:  Dr. Lynne Gackle
2019: Rosemary Heffley, Nora Henson
2018:  Dianne Brumley
2017: Sally Schott
2016: Dr. Kenny Sheppard
2015:  Terry Price
2014:  Loyd Hawthorne
2013:  Jerry McCoy, Betsy Cook Weber

2010:  Milton Pullen
2008: Donald Bailey
2007: Kenneth Fulton
2005: James Moore
1997: Hugh Sanders
1991: B R "Bev" Henson, Gene Kinney, Charles Nelson, & Lloyd Pfautsch
1980: Frank McKinley
1978: Euell Porter

Texas Choral Excellence Award
This award is based on the recipient’s contribution to choral music in Texas, mentorship and inspiration to colleagues and students, and continued advocacy for the future of choral singing. Nominations are made by TCDA members.  Past recipients are listed below:

2022: Michael Dean, Dinah Menger, Janwin Overstreet-Goode
2021: Gene Holkup, Mark Rohwer
2020: Nick Boltz, Kay Owens, Cathy Wafford
2019: Billy Talley, Eddie Quaid, Norris Blevins, Margaret Jordan
2018: Amy Allibon, Brad Bouley, Morris Stevens, E.A. "Amby" Tanner, III
2017: Deidre Douglas, Dr. Stephen Holcomb
2016: Harry Wooten, Tammy Patterson, Brad White
2015: Robert Stovall, Cynthia Nott, Cheryl Wilson, Dianna Jarvis, Paula Edwards, & Patricia Neighbors
2014: Kathy Hackett, Stan McGill, Randy Talley
2013: Keith Dixon, Nora Henson, Barry Talley

2012: Denise Eaton, Cecile Johnson & Mike Ware
2011: Dianne Brumley, Jan Juneau, Michael O'Hern, & Jo Scurlock-Dillard
2010: Linda Ice
2008: Carroll Barnes, Loyd Hawthorne, Barbara Perkins, & Sally Schott
2007: Dennis Boyter & Rosemary Heffley
2006: Betsy Henderson & Terry Price
2005: Glenda Casey, John Hemmenway, Janet Scarcella, Ron Shirey, & Dr Robert Young

TCDA Choral Director of Distinction Award
This award is given annually to mid-career TCDA members with 10 years or more conducting experience who maintain high performance and literature standards, participate in TCDA activities through attendance and leadership, and promote choral music in the community. Nominations are made by TCDA members. Past recipients are listed below:

2022:  Kim Ahrens, Patrick Newcomb
2021:  Tara Sikon

TCDA Young Director of Distinction Award
This award recognizes TCDA choral directors who have taught for seven years or less and achieved exceptional success in those years. Nominations are made by TCDA members.  Past recipients are listed below:

2022: Cameron Carnley, Aubrey Kistler, Tommie Trinh
2021: Brittni Kelly, Evan Key, Katherine Patel, Megan Wisdom
2020: Saleel Menon, Gerald Nicholas, Jackson Hill
2019: Lauren Robertson & Eradio Martinez
2018: Rachel Holliday, Francis Vu
2017: Jasmine Reed, Betsy Clark Howerton, Kenneth Sieloff
2016: Lindsay Swartwood, Colton Blake
2015: Wesley Davis, Kelly Talley, Tanner Wilemon
2014: Hollyn Griffin, Clinton Hardy, Briana Kruse
2013: Ashley Delaney, Kelly Dunn, Jennifer Gallagher, Matthew Green

2012: Bethany Green & Carisa Niemeyer
2011: Katherine Johnson & Jeffrey Delman
2010: Clorese Porter-Gray & Kyle Zeuch
2009: Kim Eder Ahrens & Antoinette Murphy Harris
2008: Heather Sharp, Natalie Waters, & Kasey Wilson
2007: Jenny Crawford, & David Landgrebe

TCDA Innovative Programming Award
In recognition of the ingenuity and creativity of members in programming and the positive impact of such work on singers, audiences, and the choral art, TCDA seeks to recognize members who have created programs that demonstrate innovation, collaboration, and/or exceptional community engagement.

2022: Dr. Jonathan Palant
2021: Ashley Dame, Kristina MacMullen, Guadalupe Rivera

TCDA Choral Advocacy Award

TCDA recognizes that the choral arts flourish because of the care and commitment of a vast network of artists, teachers, and administrators throughout our state.

2022: Dr. Joey Martin
2021: Vivian Munn, Troy Robertson

TCDA Service Award
Not awarded every year, this select award is reserved for unusual or unique service to TCDA. Nominations are made by the TCDA Board. Past recipients are listed below:

2017: Emily Crocker & Carol Ann Rhodes
2014:  Lu Marler
2011: Dan Wood & Jeanne Kuhn 

2008: Arthur Gurwitz & Southern Music Company
2005: M G Garvin
1997: B. Jack Glover, Lois Land and Al Skoog